Outlaw Star

Overall Stats

These are inclusive of benefits granted by ship parts.

Speed 8
Detection +15
Armour 20
Manoeuvre +36
Hull Integrity 36
Turret Rating 1
Power Used/Generated 45/49
Space Used/Available 42/42

-5 to Command Tests due to Antiquated Communications

Ship History

Ancient and Wise

-4 Hull Integrity
+10 Manoeuvre

Finances in Arrears

Money is owed for the ship to “Lady” Tanda Vendigroth

Whenever attempting to complete an endeavour objective they must accumulate an additional 50 achievement points. However, Lady Tanda supports her investment, and has been known to be a useful source of information.

As her investment however, the Outlaw Star does find itself beholden to assist her when called upon.

Essential Components

Lathe-Pattern Class 2A “Sprint-Trader” Plasma Drive

+3 Manoeuvre
+1 Speed

Miloslav-G-616.B Warp Drive

Warp Travel time reduced by 50%.
Warp Encounters are occur every 3 days rather than every 5.

Warpsbane Hull

Roll twice on Warp Encounters and have the navigator choose.

Repulsor Shield

Ignore manoeuvre penalties for moving through fields of small particles (i.e. gas clouds)

Exploration Bridge

+5 Detection when using active scans.
Grants 50 points to completing exploration objectives.

Clemency Pattern Life Sustainer

+1 Morale
Reduce Crew and Morale loss due to de-pressurisation by 4 to a minimum of 0.

Clan Kin Quarters

+5 to Command Tests during Boarding and Hit & Run actions.
Reduce all sources of Morale loss by 1.

W240 Passive Array

External part. May only be destroyed using a critical hit
No Broadcasting – Can passively detect whilst the ship is Silent Running without taking a penalty


Sunsear Laser Battery

Strength 4
Damage 1d10+2
Crit Rating 4
Range 9

Disruptor Macrocannons

Strength 3
Damage 1d10+1
Crit Rating
Range 5

Short the flow : Disruption weapons compromise the circuitry and wiring require to transfer power across a ship. For every 5 damage that exceeds the void shields, one random Component on the target ship becomes Unpowered. This weapon ignores armour.

Ionic Blast These weapons never cause critical hits, or deal damage to hull integrity. They can only be combined into a salvo with other Disruption Macrocannon weaponry.

Additional Components


Double the time a ship may reman at void without suffering Crew Population or Morale loss.
Increase Crew Population by 2

Augmented Retro-Thrusters

+5 Manoeuvre
This component is external and can only be destroyed or damaged with a critical hit.

Broadband Hymn Casters

Deafening: When active, all other ships must take a -10 Tech Use Test in order to use vox or other broadcast communications whilst within 30 VUs of this vessel.

Terrifying: When active, characters aboard the vessel gain +10 on all Intimidate tests against all ships within 30 VUs.

External: Doesn’t require hull space. Can only be destroyed or damaged by a critical hit.

Outlaw Star

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